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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Roll that time back a couple of minutes (Status:I thought it was all over)

This morning I had a phone call about doing an interview with a local radio station but then, around when the station was supposed to call back for the interview, Inside Edition called!  They are going to fly a reporter to Columbus tomorrow for an interview.
I have no idea what happened with the local radio station; I assume they called when I was on the phone with Inside Edition and so I missed my window.


  1. So exciting! You're putting Clintonville Ohio on the map. You'll appear somewhere between an update of Dancing with the Stars and a story about Jenifer Lopez. :)

    1. Between J Lo and a hot dancing girl would not be a bad place (lol)

  2. Mr. Bodish...
    Looks like you are still the man! Yeah!

  3. Holy Crap! You should come have dinner with us at the Casablanca for an indepth re-telling of the story!

  4. Man, this is pretty cool. I still can't believe that you found a honest-to-god Picasso at a thrift store. Don't think there's really anyone out there who can top a story like that.

  5. Pretty soon someone will want to do a documentary about that truck driver gal who found the Jackson Pollock. Just promise you'll remember all of us when you're rich and famous! ;)

  6. This is great, your Picasso find is absolutely newsworthy.