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Monday, April 2, 2012

00:15:01 (Status: Times up for Picasso guy)

This should be the last post related to my spurt of Picasso print notoriety.
Last Friday I was contacted by a producer for Good Morning America.  She wanted to get me on GMA this week but I found out today that the appearance will not happen.  The Easter week show had been completely booked  and there was no space.
The news cycle has now passed me by.


  1. Yeah, still have the Picasso! :)

  2. Got the piece and your 15 minutes of fame! What else is there? Makes me be more mindful when I'm out scouring the thrifts...

  3. Well Mr. Bodish,
    I know I certainly enjoyed all the news and flurry about your Picasso! 8-)

  4. Still cool to even be contacted. And super cool that you have a Picasso! Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us.

  5. Aw thats tough, but what a story and wild ride its been!