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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Over shadowed hometown thrift trip (Status: variety in the haul)

The week that the Picasso thing started blowin'-up, I went to my hometown to see my dad and I pulled in a small haul of choice goodies from the thrifts.
Actually those Apollo glasses were also a part of this haul but G.I. Joe and I thought that they deserved their own post.
These teardrop shaped green glass objects are actually salt and pepper shakers
 They are cunningly designed with a weighted base so that when they tip over they return to their original up-right position; Yup, they wobble but they don't fall down (just like Weebles)!
 Although they were made by Noritake, I can find but scant information on these or the Noritake Craft line.   I will try posting these on Modish and see what shakes loose.
 I picked this tiki mug up at the Salvation Army.  It is not very vintage (2004) but it is a discontinued design from Tiki Farm.
 As you can see, it was made by Tiki Farm, makers of fine tiki products (including a really nice little bar).  Their website is cool, you should check them out (not a paid endorsement)
I also picked up this nifty plate.  yes, I know, "How can you buy just a single plate"?  It feels like a swedish design, or maybe the Partridge Family
 The design is called "Persian" and is one of the nicer designs I have seen from Royal China.
Lastly, there is this Bopfish trivet.  Okay, it doesn't say "Bopfish"per-say, but it is a cool vintage fish.  It appears to be steel or aluminum with colored resin scales and sits on four short feet.


  1. The Noritake salt and pepper shakers are really cool. I've never seen them before.

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