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Monday, October 17, 2011

Take a "teak" at these snack plates (Status: I love a pun)

I found this set of six tear drop (or maybe guitar pick) shaped snack plates at the Volunteers of America on Indianola, next to my gym.  

Yes, I get to burn calories then burn a little money, build muscle to lift thrifted furniture and both places give me an endorphin boost.  Any-hooo, the snack plates are 10 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches at their widest.  They have a built-in cork coaster and an area for your snackage.

The branded label says the manufacturer is "Serv Wood" and that it is handcarved hardwood, which I belive to be teak or "monkey pod".
I had hoped to have a couple of spactacular items last week to post but I had to leave the auction right as the Philco Predicta came up (heard it sold for $100).  Then I dragged myself out of bed at 4:00 A.M. for an estate sale that was WILDLY over priced and run by people who would only allow you to go ONE-WAY through the house; if you wanted to go back to see something behind you, you had to go back outside and get back in line (Damn it, I was first in line and I was not going to wait again).


  1. You have got to be kidding about the one way estate sale - I am glad I somehow missed going to that one! Was it run by a company or by the family? If it was a company please share so that I can avoid them in the future :P

  2. @Mitzi- Nope, one way only; no going backwards and no cutting back to the front of the line. It was a neat little mid mod home not far from Children's hospital (it really stood out in the neighborhood), The family ran the sale; one of the daughters (probably about 60 yo) lives in L.A. and shee showed pics to some dealers in L.A. to find out how much to ask for pieces....yeah, L.A. Mid Mod dealer prices in Columbus. She stated to several people that the prices would not be lowered anytime over the weekend. I don't remember all the stuff that was there but there was aTony Paul fireplace set for $120 and an upholstered eames shell chair for $400.

  3. I wonder how much stuff was left over at the end of the sale? :P