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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Almost a great declaration (Status: awww, c'mon)

While poking around at a small, not very good flea market I was startled to spot this partial Drexel Declaration table and chair set.  What an incredible bargain it was but...c'mon, only three chairs?
Well, beggers can't be choosers and half a Declaration set is still quite salable.  The set contains two captains chairs.
but only one side chair
of course there is the table
with two rather wide leaves in protective sleeves
It's all a bit banged-up, I believe the set saw daily use (the other chairs may have broken over time)
The captains chairs show alligatoring on the arms and the finish is totally worn away from the feet.
much the same on the side chair
The table top is not too bad but has some scratches, some wear on the table edge and that same wear on the bottoms of the legs

Even those super wide leaves, with those protective sleeves, have a few scratches
The pieces are solid walnut so refinishing the set will take a couple days but really it shouldn't be a difficult job.