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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My booth at the 2013 Michigan Modernism Expo (Status: not letting my Buckeye pride get in the way of selling in "that state up north")

I took part in the Michigan Modernism Exposition over the weekend of April 26-28 in Southfield Michigan, near Detroit.  My "home" for those three days was my 24 ft by 10 ft booth.
I left Columbus at 2:30 A.M. Friday morning so that I could make it to the Southfield Municipal center by 9:00A.M. for set up.  Nice thing about these professional shows, is that they have porters and flatbeds to help you get your stuff to your booth.  Even with the porter, it took about an two hours to unload the van and uhaul trailer (I had stuff jammed in there, using every inch of space and it was a task just to untangle all the chair legs)
Here are some pictures of the furniture roughly in place
 From left: Charcoal holder, Umanoff Magazine holder, Acclaim end tables and coffee table, Baumritter Danish style lounge chair, cool two shade Majestic floor lamp, Drexel Suncoast buffet, Drexel Profile table and chairs, four Broyhill Brasilia chairs.  
Lawrence Peabody round table and chairs, boxes of "stuff", leaves for the Profile table, Drexel Suncoast arm chair and Dazor flying saucer floor lamp.

I managed to pull together a decent booth.
 I added the C. Jere sculpture and Jaru Gold cubist dog
The Lisa Johannsen lamp, three pieces of art, my Martz lamp
Eight place settings of Russel Wright Steubenville American Modern in Coral (I refinished the Profile table and reupholstered the chairs, they looked sweet!)
 Brought along a selection of Taylor Smith Taylor Jamaica Bay
 My spare Franciscan Starburst
and some Taylor Smith Taylor Cathay

But I seem to have really made my mark as "the Russel Wright guy"
I brought a random selection of serving pieces
Coffee related pieces and a TON of American Modern coral dinner plates, lug handled bowls and bread plates.
They loves them some Russel Wright up there in Michigan!   I had purchased the stuff crazy cheap and so I was able to sell it at prices that actually caused people to question my sanity!  I did pretty darn well for the weekend and gained some valuable experience for future shows; I'll probably be back to the Michigan Modernism exposition.
I'll show you some pics of other booths in a couple of days!


  1. I wish i could be there. Do you have any of the Franciscan Staburst left?

    1. @Mad For Mod- I have eight saucers and three dinner plates left from the Franciscan

  2. Congratulations on a successful sale!